Tuscaloosa Veterans Memorial Park is a Lasting Tribute to the Men and Women Who Served Our Country

Tuscaloosa Veterans Memorial ParkVeterans Memorial Park was developed as a memorial for all veterans of the United States Armed Forces and as a tribute to Northington General Army Hospital, one of the largest military hospitals in the world at the end of WWII. When the hospital closed, it was stipulated that the one-acre site could only be used as a shrine, a memorial to veterans or a denominational church.

The Park was first dedicated in 1978 as a memorial for veterans of the Army, Navy, Air Force, Marine Corps and Coast Guard. In 1997, a rededication ceremony was held at the Park with guest speaker Lee Allen Hallman, CDR USN (Retired). In 2002, surviving crew members of the USS Tuscaloosa held a joint reunion with their sister ship the USS Wichita. The veterans came from all over the United States to see fellow soldiers and to view parts of their ship, perhaps for the last time.

Starting in 2003 the Tuscaloosa Veterans Memorial Park Association has presented a Memorial Day service for those who sacrificed for our freedom, country and way of life. Today the Park serves as an invaluable patriotic reminder for our children and future generations.

Tuscaloosa VeteransTuscaloosa Veterans Memorial Park is located at 1701 McFarland Boulevard, Tuscaloosa, Alabama at the site of the former hospital’s chapel. The one-acre site is retained in public ownership under the oversight of the Tuscaloosa County Park & Recreation Authority. The majority of development costs to date have been donated by the private sector including more than $250,000 of in-kind construction.